Success Path

As you grow your the company business, you act as a guide, inviting people through the Success Path by going through each of these five gates, one at a time. The Success System provides the structure, tools, and training to support success at each of these gates. Invite others to the path to wellness by first giving them an oil experience.

the company to enter South Korea

the company is pleased with great interest in its exceptional essential oil products and business by people in South Korea. South Korea will be a major market for the company and we are now in the process of establishing a legal presence there. In addition, the company is now offering Korean language materials and services to assist our Members and Consultants who speak Korean. The the company Korean Language support staff may be reached at (800)411-8151.

Under the the company Global Access program, the company allows a person living anywhere in the world to become a the company Member or IPC. If a person lives in a country that does not currently authorize the sale of the company products, those people may still obtain limited amounts of product on a personal use basis only. For people who become the company Members or IPC’s under the Global Access program, a few important points should be noted:

  1. No Exclusive Representation
    As a company with a global distribution network, the company does not allow exclusive lines of representation in any country. Therefore, the company will not restrict membership entry or limit lines of sponsorship to any single group of Members or IPCs
  2. Product Purchases and Shipment of Products into Korea
    Until the company products are approved in South Korea, the company will neither ship products to South Korea nor pay commissions to persons living there. Korean citizens who have registered to be the company Members or Independent Consultants under the Global Access program may work closely with their U.S. sponsors to obtain products for personal use or on a “not-for-resale” basis only. When the company products are approved in South Korea our Members and IPCs there will be allowed to purchase product and be compensated under our approved compensation plan.
  3. Respect of Original Sponsorship
    South Koreans who join the company under the Global Access program will be expected to respect their original line of sponsorship and should not ask to change sponsors after the company begins business in South Korea.

Because of the importance of the the company sponsorship policies we wish to emphasize that upon joining the company in the Global Access program, as a Member or Independent Consultant a person has the responsibility to understand the IPC agreement and the policies and procedures of the company as written in English, even if those policies are not printed in every language in the world. Specifically, as it relates to South Korea, the company emphasizes the following summarized sections of our policy manual. (Please refer to the English language policies at http://www.the for a complete writing of the policies.)

  • When a consultant signs an IPC Agreement [in any market – or under the Global Access program] they cannot later change to another sponsor. “Line switching” is not allowed and any IPC that attempts to line switch will either be moved back to their original line or will have their account with the company terminated and will not be allowed to enroll again with the company until at least six months of complete inactivity in the business has occurred.
  • It is not permissible for an IPC to represent that they are the company, the company. They are independent product consultants and should not represent to other individuals that they are official representatives of the company.
  • It is not permissible to exaggerate product and/or income claims regarding the company’s products. The Company’s products are exceptional and the results obtained by those that use the products will speak volumes about the efficacy of the products. Please do not misrepresent the products in any way either in person or via social or web based media.

We are excited about the future of the company in South Korea. The Company is continuing to grow at a record pace in the United States, Taiwan, Japan and elsewhere. We see that the company is becoming a household name in the world of healthcare and transforming the nature of family friendly home based businesses in a positive way. We look forward to opening the of our market in South Korea and will continue to update our leaders via this website as developments occur. If you have any questions regarding the company’s South Korean endeavors, please call our support team at (800)411-8151.